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Deadline: 30 April 2021 before 23:59
Reward: Access to new markets, strategic partners, network, expertise and funding opportunities

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Access to new markets, strategic partners, network, expertise and funding opportunities

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Does your startup or scale-up have a food solution that will accelerate the transition to healthier and more sustainable food? Are you looking for opportunities to scale your company? Pitch your solution and get access to new markets, strategic partners, expertise and funding opportunities!

Brave New Food is an open innovation platform to discover and accelerate next generation food solutions. Through our open calls and innovation challenges we select the most promising startups and scale-ups and help them to accelerate, by connecting them to leading food companies to partner up, sharing knowledge and network, and providing them with funding to scale. 

Maybe you just missed the deadline of an open call or challenge or the topics did not match with your solution. In that case we offer you the option to submit an Open Pitch. In this pitch you introduce your company and solution and tell us what you are looking for, and how we could help you. Our team will review all submitted pitches. As soon as we see an opportunity to help you, we will connect you with the right party. 

  • Personal updates when new opportunities arise. We will inform you if there are new open calls or challenges that match your company. We will also inform you when we launch new services that meet your specific needs. 
  • Access to new markets: BNF has a growing network of 20+ partners such as KraftHeinz, Friesland Campina, Superunie and SmurfitKappa. If we think that your solution is a good fit with the innovation needs of one of these companies, we will introduce you to them.
  • Access to funding opportunities: Brave New Food is in direct contact with investors and investment funds.   
  • Exposure: Once a month we select one or more startups / scale-ups to put in the spotlights and share with our network (blog, newsletter and LinkedIn).

We are open for all food (related) solutions that will accelerate the transition to healthier and more sustainable food. 

  • As soon as you have uploaded your pitch, you will receive a confirmation so that you know that we have received your pitch. 
  • The BNF team (and affiliated experts) will study your pitch and assess whether we can help you. If so, we will take action.
  • If that is not (yet) the case, we hold on to your pitch and wait for a great opportunity to come along. As soon as this is the case, we will of course let you know.
  • You can always edit or delete your submitted pitch

To increase the chance that we can help you, we advise you to come up with a professional and neat looking pitch deck (max 4 pages / 12 slides) which includes:
  • A description of your product or solution; give a short description of your product or solution, as detailed and visual as possible. Also describe what specific problem you solve with your solution or product and to who this applies.
  • A description of your company & team; how and when was your company founded? In which phase are you? How many people? In which market are you active? Also a short description of the (managing) team.
  • A description your specific need(s) how we could help you grow Tell us what kind of support and expertise (market, distribution, partners, funding) you are looking for.
    • If you think your solution is interesting for a specific partner of Brave New Food, explain why.

The pitch may be submitted in free form (presentation, slide deck, letter form), but must be uploaded as a PDF file (landscape or portrait A4 - max 30MB). Videos, example websites, etc. can be included as a link.

  • Participation is open for startups, scale-ups, SME’s, grown-ups, innovators and scientists with an innovative product and/or technology.
  • You will remain the owner of your intellectual rights, concept or solution in your pitch, until you agree otherwise.
  • We strongly advise you to document everything you share with others and mention that information provided is confidential and intellectual property rights remain with you/ your company until agreed otherwise.
  • Be aware of the fact that your pitch will be viewed by industry professionals and (concepts and ideas in it) may be shared with others. Keep IP sensitive unique (technical) details out of your pitch, keep it a secret that you can share later.

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