Eelco Janssen, accountmanager Niacet: “We allow the food industry to make products that consumers can trust”

01 March 2021

With the shift in focus to sustainability, Eelco Janssen sees the production of plant-based products increasing. As an account manager of Niacet, one of the world's leading producers of organic salts, he sees an important role for his company. "We look forward to helping innovative companies improve the shelf life of their products in a healthy way, so we can prevent food waste. Let’s change the game together!”

Niacet is a leading global producer of propionates and acetates. These complicated terms stand for a range of special organic salts and functional blends, which are used on a daily basis in the pharmaceutical, food and feed industries. “For example, you can boost food safety with our products,” says Eelco Janssen, who has been Account Manager for Niacet for more than 3 years now. ”Our food product portfolio consists amongst others preservation, acidity regulation, flavoring and mineral fortification of almost all food products.

Longer shelf life

The magic ingredient in Niacet's salts is the acid, which counteracts mould and bacteria - thus extending the shelf life of products. "Think of toast bread, but also freshly cut vegetables," Eelco lists. "Both food producers and consumers like it when their products have a longer shelf life. We are therefore proud that we can contribute to this."


Plant-based products 

Niacet joined Brave New Food because it likes to get in touch with food producers. "Both established companies and innovative startups and scale-ups are welcome to explore the possibilities with us," says Eelco. “Processed food products - including the plant-based ones - are sensitive to contamination, for example by Listeria monocytogenes, Salmonella and E.coli (EHEC). Niacet produces the dedicated product line Provian to diminish this microbiological growth." The company realises that consumers often want to see as few E numbers as possible on the label of these kinds of products. Therefore she has developed a Clean Label product range – called ProNiaturél – ideal to be used within plant-based products. 

Clean label products

E-number free - or ‘clean’ - labeling in the food industry, as well as many other industries, has become important to many consumers. "I predict that the clean label market will be doubled in 2026," says Eelco. "So that is why we have been on the leading edge on the clean label trend by developing vinegar-based products meeting the current clean label food regulations. We will continue technology development efforts in the food ingredients-sector and create new and differentiated products that will support what our customers and consumers demand for," says Eelco.

Niagara Falls

The location of Niacet in Tiel is one of four in the world. Besides Singapore, Colombia and Tiel of course, the parent company is right across Niagara Falls. That is also where the name of the company is derived from. "I don't have such an amazing view," laughs Eelco, "but I do have the possibilities to change the game. So I cordially invite everyone to come to sort their cards with us.”

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