New innovation platform Brave New Food calls for solutions for the food industry

24 November 2020

Our current diet is no longer tenable. The transition to a more sustainable and healthier diet to minimise climate change and the pressure on health care is underway, but it needs to happen much faster. That is what Brave New Food thinks. The European-oriented innovation platform launches three open calls today that will link innovative solutions to the challenges faced by established companies in the food industry.

With already 16 member companies from the food industry connected (including Kraft Heinz, Superunie, Smurfit Kappa, The Greenery and Vivera), access to a pool of over 50,000 innovative thinkers, a network of food industry experts and the availability of investment funds of up to 1 million euros, Brave New Food offers a unique mix of success ingredients to achieve its mission. 

Connect, accelerate, innovate
Founded by seasoned food scale up and innovation entrepreneurs and supported by a network of industry experts, Brave New Food has created a club of game changers who want to make a difference. "Corporates do not always know how to find innovative solutions and without the right network or investment it remains difficult for start-ups to grow or even survive. By means of challenges and open calls on our platform, Brave New Food links concrete solutions to concrete challenges of corporates and we accelerate the scaling up of human, animal and planet friendly start-ups," says co-founder Jesse 't Lam.

Open innovation
From crop to consumer product and from logistics to packaging. All links in the chain participate in the inclusive approach of Brave New Food. The platform also stands for open innovation; cooperation in finding solutions. Affiliated partners are enthusiastic about this approach. Kraft Heinz Director Bob Rog: "It is essential to keep looking outside your company. You can't and don't know everything yourself. Brave New Food provides us with that inspiring need and at the same time we can inspire their network with our growth mindset."

The start-ups and scale-ups from the Brave New Food group represent various branches and disciplines. "This broad approach is very valuable," says Rog. "I really believe that through this form of open innovation, ideas and solutions can be brought together much faster."

1 million euros
The first scouting round of Brave New Food runs from 24 November 2020 to 16 February 2021. Jesse: "Through three open calls on the themes of plant-based alternatives, food waste and sustainable packaging, we call on startups and scale-ups to pitch their innovative solutions. A rapidly growing group of affiliated corporates and investors is looking at all pitches and invites the - for them - most interesting innovators to an introductory meeting at our matchmaking event in early April. With one pitch we offer startups and scale-ups access to new markets, networks, expertise and investment opportunities of up to 1 million euros."

Corporates challenged
Brave New Food also invites all companies - who want to be at the forefront of the food transition - to join their game changers club. With a dot on the horizon: 50 involved partners in 2021. Jesse: "We are building bridges, not tunnels. By connecting different industries and fields of work in complete transparency, we will be able to find new solutions more quickly. Be Brave. Innovate!"