Charlotte Krijger of YAYA KOMBUCHA: "We believe that our products are going to change the game"

31 May 2021

YAYA KOMBUCHA is a local brewery of tea based drinks like kombucha and ice tea. As one of the first and leading kombucha producers in Europe, it has not always been easy to find partnerships with retailers and distributors. However, given the opportunity, this brand has always been very successful. Take a look behind their scenes!

"We believe that our products are going to change the game because it’s part of a healthier lifestyle and also a more sustainable way of living," says Charlotte Krijger, founder of the scale-up. For their next step, YAYA KOMBUCHA is looking for new partnerships to help them grow as one of the leading brands in Europe. "We are looking for partners that are equally excited about this fast growing category of functional beverages."

Start-ups and industry players can accelerate each other

Charlotte mentions that there is a need in knowledge and experience how to scale your company and how to allocate your business resources. "So should you maybe allocate business resources to outdoor marketing? Or should you outsource your production? These are questions that businesses can help startups accelerate. Brave New Food understands there is a gap between startups or scale-ups and industry players. And I believe we can learn from each other. As a startup you can imagine what the world could be. And an industry player can maybe learn from our experiences and on the other side we can learn from their experiences."