Moritz Huber, co-founder of SauerCrowd: "Millennials demand for healthier food"

11 May 2021

SauerCrowd develops and produces organic and fermented products. Their focus is on health and sustainability. 'Sauer' stands for fermentation, and 'crowd' stands for the community they are building together with their customers, farmers and stakeholders towards a healthier food system. Moritz Huber: "We are scaling our e-commerce and retail outlets in the Netherlands and abroad quite quickly. We are looking for somebody to join with his knowledge in these fields, as well as liquidity in order to tackle these growth challenges."

More and more customers are looking for healthy and sustainable food options. Especially in the plant-based sector. "I see that as an opportunity, because brands can become leaders of this transition and educate together with their customers how we want to see the food system accelerating in the future."

Take a look behind your screen, in the kitchen of SauerCrowd!


Full transparency into the supply chain, working together with farmers and bringing healthier product to the market will become the new normal, says Moritz. "Because millennials demand for it." Moritz and his team are determined. "We are going to change the game in providing organic, healthy, plant-based food products which challenge the status quo. And we are doing this in the most sustainable way while educating our crowd on this food transition."

Established companies could help startups like SauerCrowd to accelerate in devoting their time, knowledge and resources. In order to work together instead of compete with each other. According to Moritz 'Brave New Food serves these opportunities and connects the dots'.

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