Hatzopoulos S.A. develops innovative, tailor-made flexible packaging solutions for the food & beverages, pet foods, chemicals, cosmetics & pharmaceuticals industries. Founded in 1931 the company today operates on a worldwide level exporting 70% of its total sales to over 35 countries with a turnover of 90M euro. Our constant growth is reliant upon investment in cutting-edge technology and infrastructure, research and development of innovative products and the continuous training of our employees, who represent our most important asset.

We endeavor to establish firm long-lasting bonds with our clients, to whom we offer packaging solutions that meet and exceed their specific expectations. Our modus operandi consists of adopting a consultative approach, according to which we strive to provide clients with safe, sustainable, multi-functional and appealing packaging solutions, making use of our technological expertise and unrivaled customer service.

Our focus is on innovation in recyclable flexibles and protection of food products against oxidation, humidity, mineral oils. Our Research is focused also on new special effects and functional lacquers / varnishes. Printable on gravure and flexo, preferably solvent-based.

As pioneers in the development of recycle-ready flexible packaging for the circular economy we have launched in 2018 our X-Cycle packaging line which consists of high-performance flexible packaging solutions ready for recycling. Packaging is extremely important to protect food and combat food waste and we can do that with materials that can be recycled and reused in a circular way. Flexible packaging can be the answer to the circular economy objectives as it’s light weight, resource efficient and recyclable.

From a Circularity vision, we work intensively on the development of additional sustainable and protective packaging solutions that would also incorporate bio-based and recycled content in their formulations.

Our technical team is here to assist you choosing the best flexible packaging solution with the minimum carbon footprint. Our role is to educate the various stakeholders and give answers which not only satisfy our clients demand but also align with the need of the world to protect our planet. 
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