Niacet is a leading producer of organic salts, including propionates and acetates, serving the Pharmaceutical, Food, Feed and Technical industries. With two long standing and fully automated manufacturing sites, located in Niagara Falls, NY USA, and Tiel, The Netherlands, Niacet offers world-class quality products to a global market.

Our products fill vital needs in a broad range of applications that are essential to everyday life including food and feed preservation, specialized industrial applications and more.

The future of food safety and shelf-life extension

Provian food preservation ingredients, from Niacet, are designed to ensure food safety and extend shelf-life. Provian is an acetate-based preservative, produced as the dry and pure form of organic salts, which can be applied to food at low dosages, resulting in minimal impact on organoleptic properties and reduced ecological impact.

Producing tasty food products that remain safe over an extended shelf-life can be a challenge. Food-borne illnesses, due to the likes of Salmonella, E. coli and Listeria monocytogenes, are amongst the most common causes of food recalls, and need to be prevented in order to safeguard consumers and avoid unwanted costs. The acetate-based Provian range has been shown to be more effective in preventing the growth of harmful pathogens and therefore protecting your brand.
From food safety and shelf-life extension to clean label and sodium-free solutions, discover the full range of benefits that Provian has to offer.

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