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Startups & scale-ups

In the upcoming decades, the demand for sustainable and healthy food will increase substantially. Our current diet is simply no longer tenable. The world population is growing fast and the consequences of climate change and the pressure on healthcare are increasing in rapid pace.

BRAVE NEW FOOD wants to accelerate this transition to sustainable and healthy food by accelerating the most promising next generation food solutions.



Access to market

Get connected to leading food (related) companies and distributors and boost your venture with new contracts.

access to capital

Get in touch with food & impact minded investors for soft loans of 10-100K or investments up to €1.000.000,-

access to expertise

Get support and be mentored by experienced and successfull food entrepreneurs.

access to our inclusive network

Get access to wide network of all sorts of suppliers and experts.

Innovation Challenges

Joining hands with leading food companies we are looking for startups, scale-ups and innovative SME's with new solutions and products, which could play an important role in the food transition.

Through our innovations challenges and open calls we select the best startups and scale-ups and help them to accelerate, by connecting them to leading food companies to partner up, sharing knowledge and network, and providing them with funding to scale.

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Meet our game changing partners. These corporates focus on innovation to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable food system. Wondering how? Read their story!

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23 December 2020

Karma Kebab founder Pascal Labrie about Brave New Food: “They are involved from A to Z''

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04 December 2020

Birgit Dekkers of startup Rival Foods: "Connections and funding are needed if you want to conquer the veggie shelf in the supermarket"

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