As a collective purchasing association Superunie represents 13 independent supermarket organisations, which combined operate approximately. 1.600 shops. Buying products is not the only thing we do. We are also working on the sustainability of our product range and on making our Supply Chain more efficient.

Our mission is purchasing goods and services with the best price/quality ratio. This is how we ensure that our members are able to offer a good and affordable range of products. Superunie purchases from the source and is always looking for better and sustainable alternatives. Despite the diversity of the associated members, Superunie represents these members as a unit.

As a chain player that operates worldwide and works with suppliers who take their responsibility, we can make a difference. By working together, entering into dialogue and being transparent, we want to have a positive impact on the working conditions of people and the environment and we ensure less packaging and the reuse of valuable materials.

Our main innovation themes are mainly on the subject of sustainability, packaging, food safety and healthier products.
  • Increasing transparency throughout the chain, optimizing the value chain and have a positive impact on the working conditions of people and the environment.
  • Reduce packaging materials, make the remainder recyclable and use recycled or biobased content.
  • Reductions of sugar, salt and saturated fats in our products.

On top of these main themes we are interested in products that are aimed at the transition from animal protein to vegetable protein like meat replacements, dairy alternatives etc.

The trend towards more convenient products (ready to eat, take away) is in many cases combined with an increasing use of plastics (disposable cutlery, one serve plastic bowls). We are interested in products that are appealing to the consumer looking for convenience,  but we want to make packaging more sustainable, with a focus on circularity and lowering the CO2 footprint without food waste. Plastic has priority to replace. We are also interested in products with a climate neutral footprint in general. 

  • We can bring start-ups in contact with our large network of suppliers and producers. 
  • We can help start-ups to understand the specific needs of retailers and our members specifically in areas like logistics, data management, food safety, commercial appeal etc.
  • We can facilitate events to pitch new products to our members.
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