Verbufa is a national and internationally active company, based in Amersfoort (the Netherlands) and Kortrijk (Belgium). We develop and implement situation-specific machine solutions for the food processing industry. We supply our customers with machines and production systems that are perfectly aligned with their needs. Thanks to the leading brands we represent (Handtmann, Fessmann, Baader, Garos, Laska, Glass) and our own range of Verbufa auxiliary equipment, we are able to develop tailor-made concepts for all segments of the food processing industry.

We are trendsetters within our industry, and have worked with numerous interesting customers on countless challenging projects. We proactively help our customers to develop new products and improve existing ones. Our team exists of enthusiastic experts in food processing techniques. They combine their specialist expertise and passion for food with technical knowledge of our machines. 

Our focus for the coming years:

Food solutions
Our specialists are all qualified food technologists and very experienced in traditional food processing techniques. We implement this knowledge to create the latest food concepts by combining food-related expertise with technical knowledge of our machines. 

Technical Solutions 
We are an exclusive supplier of machines and production systems from leading brands, and also develops our own range of forming, dosing, slicing and COEX machines. We devise high-quality customised solutions and develop concepts that are optimally aligned with the customer’s requirements.

Service Solutions
Our service engineers test, check and carry out preventive maintainace and repairs to our machines. Next to that, our automatic maintenance system notifies you when your machine requires service. 

Sustainable Solutions 
Sustainable business is a permanent part of our business operations. All Verbufa machines are designed and built in the Netherlands. This reduces our CO2 emissions and contributes to a cleaner environment. In the development of our equipment, we make conscious choices that lead to a sustainable, maintenance-friendly and energy-efficient use of the machine. With proper maintenance, all our machines will last a lifetime. When a machine is exchanged, we sell or rent the machine as an occasion. In this way, we extend the life cycle of our machines and contribute to a circular economy.

Innovations Solutions 
In order to respond to the latest developments in the food industry, we keep a close eye on all the trends within food processing, food retail and food service. We translate those trends into innovative machines and solutions for our customers.

Thanks to our long-standing experience and expertise related to forming, dosing, slicing and extruded products, we are able to develop tailor-made machines. We can devise a suitable solution for every need and every production volume. Our solutions revolve around the food product – we start with the food concept and build the machine around it. 

We are focused on Food Concepts, Development and Food Design Trends that focus on the new generation of consumers. We play a proactive role in an early stage of the development process for both new and existing food products. Our facilities include our own demo area/FoodLAB situated in Amersfoort, which is fully equipped with Verbufa machinery. Here we can work together to explore your opportunities for new and existing products and look at the possibilities to produce your product on a larger scale.

Verbufa offers startups and scaleups a great opportunity to grow. High and sometimes changing production performance creates technological challenges and high financial investments. Verbufa Financial Solutions offers long- or short-term machine rental. This allows you to quickly and easily switch to the newest technology or respond to changing requirements. For a fixed amount per week or month, you are assured of having the latest technology and you are not faced with unexpected costs which also includes installation, training and annual maintenance. 

Also we have a large network within the food industry in which we are willing to introduce start-up and scale-ups companies.

We are pioneers in successfully applying new and innovative technologies in order to respond to the growing demand for vegetarian, vegan and convenience products. For example, we have successfully supervised these startup and scaleup projects:

  • Vegetarische Slager
  • Koeckebackers
  • Sparc
  • Glutenfree Bakery
  • Rose & Vanilla
  • Zorgboerderij De Klompenhoeve
  • Wild van wild
  • Beemster Garlic
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