The Edible Cup: How Good-Edi is Redefining Sustainability in the Food Industry

12 April 2023

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edible cup

Australian company and visionary in the food innovation sector, Good-Edi, is addressing the pressing issue of waste generated by single-use takeaway cups. Their solution? An edible cup that is vegan, tasty, and made from locally and ethically sourced ingredients.

What's more, if you don't want to eat your cup, it breaks down naturally in less than two weeks, faster than a banana skin. Good-Edi has set out for its product to be waste-free and sets a new standard for environmentally responsible food packaging, demonstrating that we don't have to compromise on taste or practicality to be sustainable.

The founders, Catherine and Aniyo, used their 20 years of experience in food processing to create this sustainable alternative. They recognized that the love for coffee was creating a significant waste problem, with 1 billion takeaway cups ending up in landfills in Australia each year. Most eco-friendly cups still end up in landfills, so they developed an edible cup instead.

So how is it all going?

‘’Pretty darn well. Chris Hemsworth said he likes our product. And apparently, he actually touched it too. We’ve also had a super successful round of crowdfunding and our expert baking team is hard at work at ‘Good-Edi HQ’, our dedicated facility in Coburg. All in all, it’s been a solid 12 months.’’ They say on their website.

Good-Edi is a true example of a Brave New Startup making a difference in the food industry. Check out their website to learn more about their innovative solution.